Which reports are shown when adding a company?

The reports shown are the reports based on the attributes for the company that you enter. The reports which are shown are those where the last reporting date has not yet passed. For example: When adding a company with quarterly VAT on the 10th of February, the report Momsdeklaration Oktober-December with last reporting date 12 February 2019 is shown on the reports page. When adding the same company on the 13th of February this report is not shown.

Can you get reminders of reports for Periodic compilation of trade?

Yes, as a signed in user you can both see these reports for your company and get reminders for them.

What happens when I check the box Done on the company reports page?

The report is then considered to have been filed to the current authority. The report disappears from the Reports: Todo view and appears on the Done reports view. Also, report reminders will not be sent for the report.

Is the last reporting date for a report the date when the report have to be filed in digital or paper format?

The last reporting date is then the report has to be filed in digital format at the latest. Sometimes the last date can be different when you file a report in paper format.

Can I have report reminders sent to more than one person?

When having Plus or Premium subscription you can add extra reminder/reminders for your company. This means that you can add an email address which will receives a copy of all the report reminder emails which are sent for the company.

How does the reports change for my company when I change the company attributes?

If you for example change from yearly to quarterly VAT, the report for yearly VAT will still in most situations be present on the Todo reports page. This is because of that you make these changes during a financial year. You still have to report the VAT from the beginning of the financial year which has already started until the date you changed to quarterly VAT reporting. After this only the quarterly VAT reports will be present on the Todo reports page. When changing the attributes for a company you are asked to enter the date when the changes are valid from. If you do not enter a date here, todays date will be used.

What happens when I check the box Material received on the company reports page?

Accountancy firm user: You are considered to have received the material and/or information you need to complete the report for your customer. The row with the report is marked with yellow color when this box is checked.

Which financial year should be selected for a company with an extended or abbreviated fiscal year?

If the company has an extended financial year (which can be chosen when starting the company) you should select the financial year that the company has during a normal year. For example: You register with the authorites that company should normally have the financial year January - December, but that the first financial year is extended from the start of the company on August 1, 2018 to December 31, 2019. In this case, the financial year January - December shall be selected for the company in Redovisningsdatum. If the financial year is shortened, the same principle applies, that is to say, that for the company in Redovisningsdatum you must select the financial year that the company has during a normal year.

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