Which reports are shown when adding a company?

The reports shown are the reports based on the attributes for the company that you enter. The reports which are shown are those where the last reporting date has not yet passed. For example: When adding a company with quarterly VAT on the 10th of May, the report Momsdeklaration January-March with last reporting date 12 May 2020 is shown on the reports page. When adding the same company on the 13th of May this report is not shown.

Why do I get report reminders by email?

By default, when registering an account, you will be reminded by email 7 and 14 days before the last reporting date. You can always change this setting by adding or removing reminders on the Settings page.

Can you get reminders of reports for Periodic compilation of trade?

Yes, as a signed in user you can both see these reports for your company and get reminders for them.

What happens when I check the box Done on the company reports page?

The report is then considered to have been filed to the current authority. The report disappears from the Reports: Todo view and appears on the Reports: Done page. Also, report reminders will not be sent for the report.

What are the implications that I see the text "Some data for this company are still missing" on the company page?

This message is shown due to that you have selected "I will fill in this later" for one or several fields for the company added. This will have the implication that reports or hacks are not shown correct in the service. Go to the Company page, select Edit and update the information for the company in this or these fields to complete the data for the company and click Save.

Is the last reporting date for a report the date when the report have to be filed in digital or paper format?

The last reporting date is then the report has to be filed in digital format at the latest. Sometimes the last date can be different when you file a report in paper format.

How does the reports change for my company when I change the company attributes?

If you for example change from yearly to quarterly VAT, the report for yearly VAT will still in most situations be present on the Todo reports page. This is because of that you make these changes during a financial year. You still have to report the VAT from the beginning of the financial year which has already started until the date you changed to quarterly VAT reporting. After this only the quarterly VAT reports will be present on the Todo reports page. When changing the attributes for a company you are asked to enter the date when the changes are valid from. If you do not enter a date here, todays date will be used.

Which financial year should be selected for a company with an extended or abbreviated fiscal year?

If the company has an extended financial year (which can be selected when starting the company) you should select the financial year that the company has during a normal year. For example: You register with the authorities that company should normally have the financial year January - December, but that the first financial year is extended from the start of the company on August 1, 2020 to December 31, 2021. In this case, the financial year January - December shall be selected for the company in Redovisningsdatum. If the financial year is shortened, the same principle applies, that is to say, that for the company in Redovisningsdatum you must select the financial year that the company has during a normal year.

Where can I find the report Verksamhetsredogörelse för bevakningsföretag?

Once you have logged into the service, first click on Company in the menu. If you have more than one company, select the company to which the report applies. Below the company information there is a section on so-called extra reports. Click here on the arrow pointing to the left. Now questions related to various extra reports are displayed. Click on the question "Are you running a company that provides surveillance services?" and answer the question that is asked. If you answer Yes to the question, the report Verksamhetsredogörelse för bevakningsföretag will appear in the report list for the company. To view the report list for the company, click on Reports in the menu.

Where can I find the VAT declaration form?

VAT is declared to the Swedish Tax Agency either digitally on their website or physically with a form. VAT form is available on the Swedish Tax Agency's website. To reach it, first go to their website Skatteverket.se. Then, in the main menu, select Företag (Companies) and then Moms (VAT). Then select Deklarera moms (Declare VAT) in the menu on the left side of the page or further down on the page. Here you will find information on how to declare VAT digitally or with a form. If you have not received a physical VAT declaration form and wish to declare with physical form, you can order a new VAT declaration form here.

Why is quarterly VAT selected for the company I enter?

When you test the service (See how it works), the information that is entered is temporarily stored in your web browser. If you immediately afterwards register an account and add your company, information such as VAT information is pre selected for the company. Of course, you can change the VAT information when you add your company.

I change from quarterly VAT to annual VAT - why are there out-of-date reports in the list?

For example, if you change from quarterly VAT to annual VAT in March 2021, the VAT-report January-March with last day 2021-05-12 will still be included in the report list. This is because the change was made in March, which is before the end of the accounting period January-March. You then need to first report VAT for the period for this your company. It is important not to miss it. After that, the company should report VAT once a year according to the change you made.

When should I report annual VAT?

Swedish companies that report VAT once a year should report VAT on different dates depending on whether the company conducts trade with EU countries, i.e. during the year has bought or sold goods or services from/to suppliers/customers within the EU (outside Sweden). Many companies make purchases from suppliers from countries within the EU, even if they do not know it. For example several large companies which offer digital services are invoicing from Ireland.

We therefore recommend that you check this for your company if you are not sure, and report the VAT according to this. You can see the dates which are applicable when adding a company as a registered user or when you try out the service.


How do you create the hacks?

The hacks are created by our team of experienced accounting consultants, lawyers and business owners. We use our experience, news in business practices and legislation as a starting point. We make sure the hacks are updated by continuously reviewing them in relation to changes in legislation and effect in implementation. Read more about Redovisningshack®.

How can I know how much money that will be saved by using a hack?

First, there is no guarantee that a certain amount of money or time will be saved by using a hack that is shown in the service of your particular company. The amount shown for a hack is how much money the fictitious company used in the example presented in the full version of the hack could save on using the hack in the way shown in the example. The idea of showing a specific amount in the hack is to, when you take part in the example, create a better understanding of how the hack works and that there may be opportunities to save money by using it. Whether and how much money can be saved again depends on case-by-case basis, from company to company.

Why do I only get one hack per month?

We believe in the idea that small improvements that are made gradually step-by-step often have a better effect than larger improvements that are less frequently implemented. Getting too much information at the same time can easily make it difficult for you to absorb and therefore choose to prioritize something other than going through it properly. Getting a hack per month, we find, gives the opportunity to gradually evaluate opportunities for improvement for the company - regardless of whether it is something you did not know before or something you read about before.

However, there is nothing to prevent you, if it suits you better, on certain occasions, from going through several hacks that you have received for several months and evaluating, implementing some and opting out of others.

For which of my companies are the hacks selected?

If you have added more than one company to the service, a hack is selected for one of these companies. It can also vary from time to time, which means that one month a hack is selected for one of your companies and another month, a hack is selected for another of your companies. The hacks are based on information we have about your company or companies that you put into the service. The more information we have, the more precise hacks we can suggest. Read more about Redovisningshack®.

Do you have other questions? Please contact us: info@redovisningsdatum.se