Prepare your annual report yourself and be done in 15 minutes!

Årsredovisning Online is a do-it-yourself service where you quickly and smoothly prepare the company's annual report and income declaration.The service offers, among other things, tax calculation, audit report, and electronic signatures for the annual report. Through direct connections to both the Tax Agency (Skatteverket) and Companies Registration Office (Bolagsverket), you easily submit your annual report and declaration. You only pay for the service if you choose to submit.

Smooth business management with all company administration in one place

Bokio facilitates your business operations by handling bookkeeping, payments, invoicing, payroll management, and year-end closing all in one place.With an integrated business account, you can manage all your incoming and outgoing payments from the same system used for your bookkeeping. Based on your bookkeeping, your reports are then automatically generated and ready to be submitted to the Swedish Tax Agency.

Redovisa Rätt 2024

Information about accounting regulations in book form that is updated based on current laws. It is intended for anyone involved in ongoing bookkeeping, preparing financial statements, and annual reports, and is suitable for both small one-person businesses as well as large publicly traded companies.
Redovisa Rätt 2024

Bokslut & årsredovisning i mindre aktiebolag - K2

A practical handbook that shows you how to prepare an annual report for a small corporation according to K2. The book is aimed at those who have basic accounting skills (e.g., have dealt with ongoing bookkeeping) and now want to undertake the work of closing the books.
Bokslut & årsredovisning i mindre aktiebolag - K2

Examples of important aspects to consider when handling most things yourself:

  • Choose an accounting system that is tailored to those who manage financial work independently
  • Establish good routines, such as how and where to save receipts and other documents and when to record them
  • Start as soon as possible to ensure that your routines work in practice and update them where necessary, and to comply with the requirements of the Book-keeping Act
  • Find reliable sources to keep yourself informed about rules and regulations, for example: The Swedish Tax authories (Skatteverket), litterature and

Report reminders – automatically and for free

Redovisningsdatum helps you to be reminded of reports due for your Swedish company, automatically and free of charge, instead of monitoring them yourself.