About Redovisningsdatum

Redovisningsdatum is a digital service that helps business owners and accounting firms in Sweden to be reminded of when financial reports are to be reported to Swedish authorities and other public actors. The service is owned and operated by Redovisningsdatum Sverige AB (559191-6597).

Redovisningsdatum answers:

  1. What reports is it actually required by law to report to authorities for companies?
  2. How can I easily keep track of not missing out on submitting the reports?

Business owners

There are many reports that business owners by law must report to Swedish authorities and other public actors. The most common ones are Inkomstdeklaration, Momsdeklaration, Arbetsgivardeklaration and Årsredovisning. Which reports that must be reported depends on for example company type, choices made during the company registration and type of business.

There are also reports which business owners must report which do not belong to the most common ones. Not everyone knows these reports. For example, EU VAT must be reported on sales between companies within the EU in a so-called periodisk sammanställning (Periodic compilation) to be sent to the Swedish Tax Agency. With increased e-commerce and other cross-border trade, more and more companies are required to submit such a report.

Keeping track of which reports that shall be submitted and their dates can be an extensive job. This is also the case, even if you know which reports that should be reported and you do not change anything with larger implications in your company, eg. switching from no employees to employees or changing VAT period. And even though the legislation might not often change.

Redovisningsdatum is a service to keep reporting dates up-to-date in an easy way and which reminds you when and which reports that shall be submitted.

Accounting firms

Anyone who has run an accounting firm has at some point experienced that the lack of access to accounting records, information about a business event or position regarding the disposition of results, has meant that work for a customer that was intended to be done today must be postponed to the future. Reminding customers about this takes time, time that can be difficult to charge for. In such cases, it also means that it costs money.

With Redovisningsdatum, you can set when, prior to the last accounting date, a customer should be reminded to enter with accounting records and information. For some customers, it can be enough with one reminder, while for other customers, more may be needed. The fact that you do not have to do it yourself manually, saves not only your resources, but the customer relationship can be kept at a better level if the message comes from a central source and not from you personally.

Redovisningsdatum enables you to set one, two or how many reminders you think a customer needs. Reminders can be sent per email or both by email and SMS. To give support in your planning, you can also see when in the future the customers will be reminded and which ones have been reminded, when and how. When a customer has provided you with accounting records and information, you can easily mark this so that no further reminders are sent.

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