What we mean by hack

By hack we mean a smart tip and an idea of how, with modest resources, financial decisions can be made and the accounting is changed to have clear positive effects. You decide for yourself if there is something suitable based on your business. If it's not the right thing to do right now, it might be possible to do it later or contribute with ideas for other changes to help you develop your business.

A hack is a way of dealing with a specific situation and is not comprehensive for what opportunities there are. There are many different types of allowances such as deductible health care and exercise, or ways to change the accounting in the company.

The hacks are based on information we have about your company or companies that you put into the service. The more information we have, the more precise hacks we can suggest.

How the hacks are shown

The hacks are shown to all logged-in users. Paying users see the complete hack which contains, among other things, an example of how it can be used and estimated savings as well as advisory steps for the implementation of the hack. Non-paying users see only a brief introduction to the hack.

When a new hack is published, paying users receive information about it by e-mail. Information about the latest hacks selected for your company or companies is also displayed in report reminders for those users who have chosen to be reminded of reports by email.

New hacks replace older ones as they are regularly updated. The hacks are dated so the older ones can be distinguished from newer ones.

How we develop the hacks and keep them updated

We develop and update the hacks together with experienced accounting consultants, lawyers and business owners by combining their expert knowledge and practical experience. We see that the composition of the roles and the working method is the best way to find hacks that are both useful, are in accordance with current legislation and are effective solutions.

The updating process for hacks is structured of both ongoing reviews at fixed periods and when conditions change in legislation or when the information on which content and examples are based changes. We monitor both legal databases and bills for future laws through our experts.

Inspirational ideas - not guarantees

We do not have all the background about your particular company and its conditions. Therefore, we do not take any responsibility for the effect when you implement the hack or how the implementation of it in your company relates to current laws and regulations. Redovisningshack® should therefore be seen as inspiring ideas for saving money, improving and developing your business, and not as detailed descriptions that give a guaranteed effect.

The complete hack describes the basic steps for how the hack can be implemented. The idea is that it should show how easy or difficult, time and resource consuming it should be for you to complete the hack. If you see that you can do it yourself, it is obviously very good. However, if you are unsure, we always recommend that you seek the help of an accounting consultant or other expert.

Our ambition is for you to become a more efficient and profitable business owner with the help of Redovisningshack®