Effektiv Ekonomi

What isEffektiv

Is it always the case that reporting VAT once a year is the best option? Or is it actually so that, by reporting VAT quarterly, you can get VAT for larger purchases refunded more quickly? This can lead to not having to take out a business loan.

The VAT reporting period can easily be changed at verksamt.se and the change should preferably be made at the end of a quarter.

Another example is to register an account with Redovisningsdatum. It helps you to be automatically reminded of reports for the company instead of manually monitoring them from multiple sources. You can adjust the reminder settings to suit your preferences. It gives you a good foresight to compile material and data, do bookkeeping and report for the company.

With an efficient and flexible way of working, you as a business owner get time and money for other things.

We give you Effektiv ekonomi™.